Weekly Email 1/27/2020 (and 1/20/2020)

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Week of 1/27/2020

Weekly Work:

Reading – 

– Daily Language practice 18 – due Friday
– word work (due on various days, sorts are indicated on Infinite Campus)
– story – “Zlateh the Goat” OR “The Old Woman Who Lived with the Wolves”

—–Reading Warm-ups (Monday)

—–read story & answer text questions (Tues & Wed)

—–literary comprehension (Th & Fri) 

—–Quiz (Fri)


Social Studies –  

– Ancient Rome exploration (Google Earth) – Mon

– Ancient Rome II – SW 17 – Notes – in class Tu, W, Th 

– SW 17 Quiz in class Friday



We started our last informative paper this week – ask anything. The students are researching a question of their choosing. We’ve been doing some preliminary research and coming up with sub questions to push our research along. Next week, we will learn about searching and citing and will begin our research. We need technology! If your student has a tablet or laptop they can bring in for writing, we’d love that. 


I am available for study hall/make-up work in my classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (8:05-8:30).  Send your student to me instead of the gym if there’s missing work to be completed or if help is needed on classwork 🙂  If your student would like to come in another day/time, please let me know and I would be happy to make myself available.


week of 1/21/2020

Weekly Work:


– Daily Language practice 17 – due Friday
– word work (due on various days, sorts are indicated on Infinite Campus)
– Reading Warm-ups (today in class)

– “The Tail” or “Dragon, Dragon” – text Qs – in class tomorrow & Thursday

– “The Tail” or “Dragon, Dragon” – characterization practice and quiz – in class Friday


Social Studies –

– Ancient Rome intro/timeline – today in class

– Ancient Rome – SW 16 – Notes – in class W, Th

– Timeline questions from studies weekly article – in class Friday

– SW 16 Quiz in class Friday


Upcoming Events:  

 —- COLOR RUN 1/25/2020 (tomorrow!!)

 —- Completed Science Fair Board/STEM fest Project due & turned in at Recker – January 29, 2020

 —- Science Fair/STEM Fest – February 1, 2020 – Power Campus

 —- Family Fun Night – February 8, 2020 5:30pm  


Recker Campus Info:

— 20-21 calendar is now available – click here!

— Parents, with the cold weather brings a very full Lost & Found.  Please come in and check for any missing jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts.  As a reminder, please put your child’s first and last name on everything that comes to school.