Weekly Email 2/18/2020

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The kids are better and now it’s been me who’s been sick, sorry! I will get grades updated this week. Please use Infinite Campus to check for missing assignments. Third quarter will close March 6, 2020, before Spring Break.

Thank you for reinforcing our cell phone policy which asks students to keep their phones in our pockets during class, unless asked by the teacher to use it for an educational purpose. We have struggled with compliance with this during the year. We are tightening up our expectations and we are also encouraging phones not to be out during passing periods.

2/18 Weekly Work:


– Daily Language practice 21 – due Friday
– word work (due on various days, sorts are indicated on Infinite Campus)

– “King of Mazy May”/“Aaron’s Gift” (Tu & Wed)

– Quiz Thursday over “The Circuit” & “King of Mazy May”/ “All-American Slurp” & “Aaron’s Gift”

– ILP creation in class Friday

Social Studies –

– Roman mythology posters were due yesterday

– Studies Weekly 19 – Christianity notes – due Monday

I available for study hall/make-up work in my classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (8:05-8:30).  Send your student to me instead of the gym if there’s missing work to be completed or if help is needed on classwork 🙂  If your student would like to come in another day/time, please let me know and I would be happy to make myself available.

******* Renaissance Festival Field Trip ************

Our field trip is Tuesday next week. Bring a lunch or cash to buy lunch there – NO NUTS can be purchased or eaten while on the field trip. Any cash brought is the sole responsibility of the student. No weapons may be purchased during the field trip. Our bus leaves promptly at 8:30 and tardy students will not be able to attend. San Tan shirts are highly encouraged.

******* ILP Conference Sign-Up Link *************

ILPs will be conducted TOGETHER this time, in a student-led fashion.

Please review the available slots on the sign up and sign up for ONE conference time to meet with both Mrs. Cowled & I, during which your student can attend with you.


Upcoming Events:  

—- February 25, 2020 – Renaissance Festival Field Trip

—- February 26, 2020 – ½ day, B day schedule – Art Masterpiece project during 5th/6th hour

—- February 27, 2020 – AZMerit2 Writing Practice Test (during Reading/Social Studies class)

—- March 4 – March 6, 2020 – ½ days and ILP Conferences